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Mayhap A Proper Introduction Would Be Better...

Hello, my name's Liesse, though feel free to call me Chesid.

I'm 17, and I've been a Ramones fan since I was a little kid. My paarents brought me up correctly; by age six I was able to identify the equivalent of three of their albums by hearing only a small piece of the songs.

At age 12, I went and visited CBGB's (and still have the shirt to prove it... my god, it still fits, as well).

When I heard of Joey's death, I took the day off from school.
I heard of DeeDee's death a year later, and did the same again.
I didn't hear of Johnny's death, however, until I was already at school. Imagine having a shitty day at school.. and then your friend notices at lunch that you're wearing your Ramones shirt... "Hey, Liesse... did you hear? One of them died." She didn't have to even tell me who; I just knew it was Johnny. And then I just started bawling right there in the middle of the hallway.

For my Halloween costume two years ago, I came to school dressed as Joey. Ripped jeans, tennis shoes, sunglasses and all (my hair was the only thing that went wrong; it had started raining unexpectedly right when I got off the bus). I dressed as DeeDee the following spring, when our school had a "Rock Star Day".

Whenever it's one of their birthdays, the anniversary of one of their deaths... I wear my Ramones shirt.

I have every single album, though only three on CD. This doesn't include my two anthology sets. I phoned in a complaint when one of our rock stations here in the Bay Area had a "New York Specials" weekend, but didn't play anything from the Ramones. Whenever I do hear one of their songs on the radio, it gets cranked to its loudest setting, no matter what song.

Fanatic? Possibly. I just consider myself a loyal fan.

Now, the only question is,

"Where are my safety pins? What'd you do with my safety pins? What is this?"
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